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19 foods to boost sperm count naturally

19 foods to boost sperm count naturally


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1. Citrus Fruits: Drinking Orange or grapefruit juice can help boost your sperm count due to presence of antioxidants like the vitamin C in them. If juice isn’t your sweet spot then try sipping fresh lemon juice.


2. Tomatoes: Lycopene, the key component in tomatoes, has shown great promise in promoting sperm development. Ingest in soups, as a sauce, or whatever to get your daily dose.


3. Beans: Fertility experts strongly propagate the relation between lower sperm count and a deficiency in zinc. One of the best vegetarian sources of zinc is beans.


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4. Nuts: In addition to its abundance in sperm boosting zinc, nuts have the added benefits of antioxidant vitamin E to get your count much higher.



5. Oysters: A good portion of a sperm cell is composed of zinc, which oysters are relatively high in. Eating oysters can not only increase sperm production but it can aid in the repair of damaged sperm.



6. Meat: Red meat, especially lean beef and turkey are other sources of zinc, protecting against free radicals from getting to the sensitive sperm cells. It goes even further to prevent testosterone from converting to estrogen, which is the culprit of a low sex drive.



7. Dark Chocolate – Dark chocolate contains L-Arginine HCL, an amino acid which almost doubles your sperm count and semen volume, and provides for stronger and more intense orgasms.


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8. Barley: Barley is a healthy, affordable, and easy available, vegetarian source of zinc.


9. Tuna: Tuna contains selenium, which is known to increase sperm count.


10. Eggs: Vitamin B12 and selenium are two key sperm count boosters that Eggs provide aplenty.


11. Broccoli: Folic acid is vital for women prior to conception and throughout pregnancy but it has a similar effect on men as well. Broccoli being one of the best plant based sources of folic acid can help boost your army count.


12. Spinach: Dark, leafy-green vegetables, such as spinach, contain high levels of folic acid. When eaten in conjunction with foods high in vitamin C to help absorption, the folic-acid containing vegetable helps to increase overall sperm health and motility. Furthermore, the combination of zinc and folic acid were found to have a positive effect in increasing sperm count.




13. Asparagus – Super high levels of Vitamin C in asparagus, prevents sperm from oxidizing, protects the cells of the testicles, and keeps free radical damage at bay.


14. Avocado – Packed with vitamin E, vitamin B6, and folic acid, avocados boost sperm motility and give it the strength to penetrate an egg.


15. Bananas – The rare enzyme called Bromelain, helps regulate sex hormones. Aided by stamina boosting vitamin B1, vitamin A, and vitamin C, bananas sure can get all systems up and running.



16. Garlic – Garlic has inherent capacity to boost blood flow in your body. Its wonder chemical allicin, not only keeps plaque from building up in the arteries, it also improves the flow of blood to the genitals and boosts the strength and endurance of the sperm. Garlic also contains selenium and vitamin B6 to prevent sperm damage and hormone regulation.



17. Pomegranate – The supermix of antioxidants in pomegranates reduces the sperm destroying chemical in your blood-malondialidehyde.


18. Walnuts – Walnuts contain arganine, which helps the testicles to increase sperm production and also aids in semen volume increase. It also contains Omega-3 fatty acids which improve the blood flow to the penis.


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19. Ginseng – Ginseng has been part of Ancient Chinese remedies to improve virility, increase libido, sexual performance, boosting blood flow to the testicles helping fight erectile dysfunction and weaker erections.

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