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Delicious Veggies/shrimps fried rice (video)

How to make delicious veggies and shrimp friedrice


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Doesn’t this look delicious? Well, it was! I chose to call it veggies/shrimp fried rice 😄.

Chop up any veggies you want-I used onions, bell pepper, scotch bonnet, carrot, and peas.
Spices: I used bay leaf, rosemary, oregano, thyme, turmeric, ginger, garlic and currt.

Watch video below….

✅3 cups of rice, add three cups of water, cook for five minutes on high heat.
✅ Rinse of Starch by parboiling it.
✅add in your liver broth I.e the water you used in cooking your liver.
✅add bay leaf, rosemary and thyme to the rice.
✅add one tbsp of turmeric and curry powder and slices of onions.
✅add a cup of water and cook for 15minutes
✅take out all the herbs.
✅fry the rice in melted unsalted butter.
✅pour olive oil in a pan
✅fry and season your liver and shrimps for 6to 8minutes then remove from the oil and set aside.
✅ pour in the onion, grated ginger, garlic and bell pepper in to the oil,
✅add the carrot, rosemary and fresh thyme
✅add the scotch bonnet
✅stirfry for seven minutes.
✅add a tbsp of curry, salt, white pepper, nutmeg and one cube seasoning
✅pour in your buttered fried rice and turn and stir for five minutes.
✅add the fried liver, shrimps and green bell peppers.
✅ stir and turn of heat.
Serve and enjoy…

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