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My first issue with feminism is the name. You can’t ask for equality of the  sexes and have bias for one of the sexes. What you would end up doing is  creating reverse oppression because the women will grow so strong and  oppress the men, and the cycle will continue. In finding my path, I first  blamed women, because in my short time of existence, women raised me and  most of the people around me. They chose that I cook and clean while my  cousins played.


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They said “you are a woman, no man will take this from  you”. They said “with this your attitude, you won’t find husband”, “your  opinions are too strong for a lady, you need to listen more when your man  is talking”, “ Don’t buy a big car or live alone o! You will chase men  away” “why are you not married yet?” “You need to learn to cook o” women  told me all these but never did I hear them tell the male kids around me
the same thing. Instead I heard “you are supposed to be strong for your  sisters”, “are you not a man? Why are you crying?” “The older babe slept  with you, ahn ahn you are enjoying o” While these are different reactions,  they are also different forms of oppressions and as I have learned, you  can’t compare oppression. Pain is pain, our thresholds are different.


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We  are all victims of the society. Even from Gender roles, the foundation of  our future is laid. In Nigeria and many parts of the world “what would  people say?” Controls our every action. We live a certain way to live up to  the expectations of the society. It influences how our parents bring us up  and form the basis for many things we do. Men are going through their bit.


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They are going through a lot, keeping up with the weight of pseudo strength  society burdens them with. Many women practice feminism by convenience.  Many men see that when it comes to the subject they have to be politically  correct. Women are given opportunities (some they don’t deserve) just to  ensure political correctness. Feminism is becoming a “walking on  egg-shells” subject. Some people take feminism to extremes – like the abort  the male child campaign (according to them he is a ….READ MORE



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