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Faiq Bolkiah is the world’s richest footballer, Not Messi or Ronaldo,

Faiq Bolkiah is the world's richest footballer, Not Messi or Ronaldo,


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The richest player in the world is only 20 years old and his name is FAIQ BOLKIAH. This young lad is

27 times richer than Chritiano Ronaldo,
33 times richer than Lionel Messi,
50 times richer than Neymar.




Faiq Bolkiah is an international citizen of Brunei and part of the of Leicester City team, although he has never played in any professional match, he’s already been part of youth teams in Chelsea and Southampton. In 2016 he signed his first professional contract with Leicester City but he hasn’t played yet in the Premier League with the foxes.


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Although is not because of football that he has become the richest player in the world but thanks to his influencial family. Faiq Bolkiah is the nephew of the sultan of Brunei, a wealthy oil state. The football player’s fortune is colossal from $20 billion dollars.


Prince Faiq Bolkiah is also the son of the extravagant prince, Jefri Bolkiah, the man who has spend more than anyone else in the world. More than $15 billion dollars. Prince Jefri Bolkiah or Jeffery owns more than 2,300 luxury cars, 8 Boeing planes, 5 yachts, 500 homes and several palaces. He even put up a $17 million dollars to put up a private Micheal Jackson show and all this just to impress his 7 year old son but the young lad doesn’t have the same passion as his father, his goal is to become a great performer.


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The mid-fielder has so much money he could buy his own club in order to play with his own team but NO, he is determine to succeed with nothing but his own sweat and hard work.


He said “I played football since I was very you, I’ve always loved being on the pitch with the ball on my feet. My parents have always help me to actualize my dream of becoming a football player. Being part of one of the greatest clubs in the world has opened my eyes. You have to train hard to have even the slightest chance of becoming a world class player.”


For the moment Faiq hasn’t have the chance to play for Leicester. He’s only played five (5) matches for Brunei international team but the mid-fielder is working hard to achieve his dream and one day play with the Premier League team. He’s still young with a bright future ahead of him.


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Faiq Bolkiah is exceptional, his experience is unique in football usually football is a way for young poor players to gain opportunity thanks to their skills. It’s what we call climbing the social economic ladder. For Faiq things are different, he was born rich and simply want to achieve his own dream of becoming a world class football player


We are sure Faiq wasn’t named the richest player in the world because he is yet to make any appearance in a professional Premier League matched but when he does, the world will know who is Faiq Bolkiah.

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