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How to lighten your skin with lemons and aloe Vera

How to lighten your skin with lemons and aloe Vera


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lemons have acidic properties that works also as a natural bleaching agent of the skin and has extreme high amount of vitamin c encouraging the growth of new cell growth. lemons also have antioxidants that are good for the complexion of the skin.

Dip a cotton ball in a fresh lemon juice and directly apply on the skin allowing the juice to stick to the skin. this improves the complexion of the skin, fades off dark spot when done consistently and dries off pimples and acne on the face.

You can also mix two spoonfuls of lemon juice with teaspoon of turmeric powder. apply the mixture on the skin leaving it on for  30 minutes. wash the paste off the face with cold water, repeat this process daily for at least three weeks.

Ensure that skin does not have open wounds as the acidic nature of the lemon juice can cause pain on the open wounds.


This alleviates the pigmentation restoring the original color of the skin. Hyperpigmention causes uneven skin tone.

the cooling effects of aloe Vera also helps greatly to regenerates new cells building of damaged tissue that is important for health skin. Cut the outer layer of the aloe Vera and squeeze out the thick jelly substance, apply the gel on the skin and leave for 30 minutes the wash with cold water. This simple remedy makes the aloe Vera capable of lightening the dark spots on the skin by improving the complexion of the skin and smoothing the face as well.

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