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How to Remove Mouth Ulcer (Treatment)

How to Remove Mouth Ulcer (Treatment)


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Painful annoying mouth ulcer can pop-up usually during stress or illness. Luckily it is pretty simple to get rid of them on your own using a number of home remedies. But if the ulcer are really stubborn, you can always seek medical treatment.


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Methods of Treating Mouth Ulcer:

  1. Use a saline rinse: Use salt water to rinse mouth to disinfect mouth ulcer.
  2. Dab the sore with Hydrogen-peroxide like saline rinse, hydrogen-peroxide can disinfect mouth ulcer. Mix 3% of hydrogen-peroxide with water in a cup. Dab it over the sore. Don’t swallow.
  3. Suck on ice chips: Cold can reduce the swelling of the sore as well as numbly pain.  Use cold chips on the sore; if the ice chips are too cold, drink cold water
  4. Reduce Acidity: Some sores are caused by excess acid in the mouth. Avoid acidic fruits such as citrus, spicy food and toasted bread.
  5. Use mouth wash.
  6. Use lemon:Slice a lemon in half, apply it on the ulcer. It may sting but it will do the work. After that, finish up by adding honey
  7. Use baking powder and lemon twice daily


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Note: If sore persist for more than 3 weeks seek professional help.

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