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Video: How to make delicious and nutritious Tiger Nuts Milk (Kunun Aya)

Video: How to make delicious and nutritious Tiger Nuts Milk (Kunun Aya)


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Tiger nuts are abundant in Nigeria and I used to eat lots of them in my younger years. I have not had them in years till my friend reminded me of these great nuts.




Tiger nuts have a nutty milky taste. I can’t even imagine anything that tastes like it. Not only do they taste nice, the nuts are jampacked with lots of health benefits.


To eat it as a snack, just chew and suck on the chaff then spit out the chaff. Some people swallow the chaff but it is quite difficult for me to swallow. Eat with peanuts (groundnuts) and the chaff will be softer and easier to swallow, this great tip was from Oluwayemisi and it works!


If you buy these nuts outside Nigeria, chances are that they will be dry. Soak them in plenty of cold water overnight before attempting to munch on them.


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Another way to enjoy these nuts is to soak, blend and strain them to get the very delicious and refreshing Tiger Nuts Milk, known as Kunun Aya in Hausa and Horchata de Chufas in Spanish.


Ingredients for making Tiger Nuts Milk

  • 600g soaked Tiger Nuts (475g dry Tiger Nuts)
  • 1.5 litres cold water

Other ingredients you can add to it

Tiger Nuts Drink is an aphrodisiac, you will need some energy to “perform” after drinking it, so add the following when blending:

  • Coconuts
  • Dates (Dabino in Hausa)


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Even more ingredients!

To make it medicinal, add:

  • Ginger
  • Cinnamon


  • To blend it, you’ll need a kitchen blender. My blender has 600W power and it did a great job of blending the soaked nuts.
  • To strain it you’ll need a chiffon cloth or ladies stocking/tights (pantyhose without the panty).


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Other names for Tiger Nuts

  • Aki Awusa in Igbo
  • Aya in Hausa
  • Isip Isong in Efik/Ibibio
  • Ofio in Yoruba
  • Hausa Groundnut in Pidgin
  • Keegun in Okun
  • Chufas in Spanish

Watch Video Below;

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